Frode F. Jacobsen, is a social anthropologist and his role in the LDG project will primarily be to take part in developing the corse theory and analytical models. Jacobsen currently serves as Professor at Bergen University College and he is also Research Director at the Centre for Care Research – Western Norway. His book Hadrami Arabs in Present-day Indonesia: An Indonesia-oriented group with an Arab signature (Routledge 2009) deals with a society where a global migration of people, artifacts and ideas has played a part for many centuries. The work demonstrates how global trends continuously inform Hadrami discourses (as collections of thoughts, beliefs, habits, actions, policies, architecture, etc.) and assist in Hadrami social and cultural integration within their host society, comprise resources for social cohesion, but also allow for social division and along sub-ethnic and religious lines. Jacobsen researches similar issues in his works on Northern Sudan, and so he is well qualified to assist in LDG establishing an analytical framework for interpreting local dynamics of globalization.